RE-Source SEE Hub Conference 2021 Videos

RE-Source Southeast conference 2021 - Policy for market integration of new RES

The panel will discuss the political visions for RES development in the Bulgarian energy sector.

  • Miroslav Damianov- Deputy Minister of Energy
  • Ivan Hinovski, Chairperson – Energy Commission in Parliament
  • Delian Dobrev, Deputy Chairperson – Energy Commission in Parliament
  • Vladislav Panev, Member – Energy Commission in Parliament Ralitsa Nikolova, APSTE (Moderator)

RE-Source Southeast conference 2021 - Perspectives for regional integration


  • Zoltan Nagy-Bege, Vice-președinte – ANRE
  • Angelin Tsachev, Executive Director – ESO

RE-Source Southeast conference 2021 - Green industry - mission (im)possible?


  • Kiril Domuschiev, Chairman Of The Supervisory Board – KRIB
  • Rumen Radev, Vice-chairman of the Management Board – BICA
  • Tim Kurth, CEO – Aurubis Bulgaria
  • Ivaylo Naydenov, Ph.D. Executive Director – BFIEC

RE-Source southeast conference 2021 - Corporate strategies for green electricity supply in SEE

his panel will offer practical advice on corporate procurement of renewable energy – via electricity trading company, direct investment in on-site RES system for self-sonsumption or via PPAs.

  • Dimitar Botev, Managing Director, PV Consut
  • Dimitar Bartov – Manager, Synergon Energy
  • Dimitar Tsekov – Technical and Operations Director, Renergy
  • Lubomir Evtsatiev – Executive Director, Solarpо Krasimir Zhivachki, ATEB (Moderator)

RE-Source Southeast conference, 2021 - Development of new RES projects in Southeast Europe

The panel will discuss the renewable energy potential of Southeastern Europe in terms of resource, know-how, macro framework for investments and incentives that create a stable and favourable business environment. Participants:
  • Tanya Karageorgieva – UniCredit Bulbanк
  • Dimitar Enchev, Co-founder & Director – CWP Global
  • Severin Vartigov, Country Manager – Enery
  • Martin Georgiev, Chairman of the board – Association of traders with electricity in Bulgaria
  • Ciprian Glodeanu, President – Romanian photovoltaic industry association Nikola Gazdov – APSTE (Moderator)

RE-Source Southeast conference, 2021 - Bankability of RES projects and market exposure

The panel will explore in detail the challenges of developing non-subsidized renewable energy projects in Bulgaria and the SEE region as a whole. Particioants:
  • Velislav Belnikolovski – Director, Enery Element
  • Andrey Rekalov – Commercial Director, Toki
  • Delyan Iliev – Managing Director, REIB
  • Kaloyan Velichkov – Managing Director, Sunotec
  • Boyan Karshakov – Chairman, Association Hydroenergy Miglena Stoilova, BGWEA (Moderator)